Manila- The City of Astonishment

28 Aug

Manila is the chief and capital city of the Philippines. The city’s original name was Maynilad, it comes from the plant name nilad, a flowering shrub which grows along the banks of a river. Then the name was shortened first to Maynila and then to the present forms Manila. It is located on the island called Luzon. From 1975 only it started to function as a single administrative region that is as metropolitan Manila. The manila city is divided by the pasig river and it comprises of about 17 districts within it. This metropolitan city includes the cities of Caloocan, Quezon and Pasay city.

Hub For Travelers

Manila promises to be the best holiday destination. In recent years, this city is transforming into the hub for travelers who loves to unwind the pages of history and to enjoy the most lavish casino. To make the city more popular and wonderful certain new projects are in progress.

Festivals of Manila

Here are some of the most enthusiastic and more interesting festivals near manila. These are some festivals must visit in manila;

Higantes Festival - It was celebrated at November in the city called Angono to honor San Clemente, the patron saint of fishermen.

Giant Lantern Festival - This was celebrated yearly once at the end of the year. This festival features a competition of giant lanterns. The fame of celebration this city was nicknamed as “Christmas capital of Philippines”.

Pahiyas Festival - It is the most favorite festivals of travelers. It is the celebration of the good harvest, in honor to San Isidro de Labrador. Parades roam around the city, where the houses are creatively decorated using vegetables and kipping and a colorful ornament made from rice.

Top things to do in Manila: Some of the must-visit places in manila are listed below;

Star City

In between the middle of the busy city there it lays, an outstanding Amusement park the best place to visit in Manila. Star city is the most popular amusement park in the whole city and then the second comes to the Enchanted Kingdom of Laguna. There you can enjoy extreme rides like Viking, jungle splash, Frisbee, and surf dance. You can also enjoy the family-friendly rides like Magic forest, dragon express and the most recommended, Philippines tallest Ferris wheel during the sunset or at night.

Yexel’s Toy Museum

Yexel’s toy museum is being the house of Asia’s biggest Optimums prime bust. This museum contained with Disney cartoons, Barbie dolls, as well as movie figures is present here. Other than this most popular figures like star wars, marvel and dc universe prime itself.

Manila Bay

This destiny part spans hundreds of kilometers from end to end. While traveling in the metro you can see the seashore. During sunset, couples gather along the bay to see the Manila bay sunset. This is one of the must-see places in manila.

Mall of Asia

The mall of Asia is the 11th largest mall in the world and it is currently said to be the largest mall in the Philippines. On the bay-side, you can see a lot of minibars and rides. A huge Ferris wheel can also be experienced here you will get a view of manila’s south metro and it is recommended to experience it in the night because of their colorful lights of the whole metro.

The Mind museum

If you are a science lover then you will love this spot. It is a project of non-profit Bonifacio Art Foundation in the mindset of providing a mind-blowing experience in the field of science.

Manila is the best spot for vacation but you should use manila vacation rentals to stay and experience the complete atmosphere of manila.

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