Manila- The Capital of the Philippines

27 Sep

For many tourists visiting the Philippines, or Filipinos based in the provinces heading to other countries, Manila is just a jump-off point. The country has spectacular beaches, islands, mountains and offbeat natural sights in the provinces and the countryside. But you often have to pass by Manila to get there. Manila is an assault on the senses. There are many must see places in Manila where can you can explore and have fun. This module is going to take you through the must visit places in Manila.


 Intramuros which is also known as the “Walled City” is the oldest district and historic core that best represents Manila’s rich history. This is the only district of Manila where visitors can still see the architecture of Spanish-era. Intramuros offers a good destination for those who are keen to learn more about the culture, history, and architecture of Manila.


  • You can walk around the Fort Santiago, which is one of the oldest Hispanic stone fortresses in the country. The other attractions in this Fort would be the Museum shop, Royal story houses, the Chapel, Rizal Shrine, and several other parks and picnic spots.
  • You can take up a Kalesa ride which is a traditional horse-drawn carriage for local sightseeing.
  • You can also hop on a Bambike, that is, bamboo bicycle to visit various cultural a\and historic places.


The second must visit in Manila is the Binondo which is considered to be the World’s oldest Chinatown. Binondo in old Manila would be heaven for the food lovers who are looking for an authentic experience beyond fast food malls and restaurants in the city. Binondo’s influence extends beyond the places of Santa Cruz, San Nicolas, and Quiapo. You can also visit the nearby Divisoria which is known for its wide assortment of low-priced goods.


  • Ideal for shopping Chinese delicacies and products, sightseeing, walking tours, and food tours.
  • Authentic hole-in-the-wall stalls and bakeries selling Filipino and Chinese delicacies.

Bonifacio Global City 

BGC or the Bonifacio Global City in Metro Manila is the other must visit places in manila. BGC has many retail outlets, restaurants, bars, and pedestrian-friendly walkways. For those who looking for hip nightlife and business or leisure travelers would find this place to be best-suited.


  • Vibrant street art and murals by international and local artists adorning commercial buildings.
  • Nature parks and art installations within the park.
  • Trendy boutiques and retail shops.

Poblacion, Makati

One of the major business districts in Metro Manila which is the old downtown area (Poblacion) is included in the must see places in manila because it serves as the city’s center of government, history, culture, and entertainment. This commercial area bounded by the streets of Polaris, Makati Avenue, and Burgos is a major entertainment and dining hub catering mostly to expats and foreign tourists.


  • This place is near major malls and venues where special events and concerts are held.
  • Best suited for nightlife because it has several bars and clubs.

Maginhawa street

Maginhawa Street is a must visit in Manila because it is collectively known for its food and art attractions with a growing number of dining establishments, bookstores, artistic hubs, and other retailer shops.


 If you have booked through Manila vacation rentals, they would include this place in the package because this place has got a lot of budget-friendly food options.

They also attract their tourists with board game cafes, quirky themed cafes, and hawker-style food parks.

Thus, if you are planning a trip to Manila through Manila vacation rentals, do visit the above-mentioned places and make your trip an amazing one.

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