How important is Biometric Attendance Integration in Your ERP Software for Construction Industry?

22 Apr

Gone are the days when HR in the construction companies used to keep a manual attendance record of their employees. Excel spreadsheets might help HR department to maintain small chunks of data, but when it comes to employee attendance management, traditional methods might not be able to eradicate significant issues like lack of time. In today’s digital environment, feature like Bio metric Integration in construction management software is the new gateway for HR managers to keep track of employee’s attendance of the whole organization. Biometric integration feature in ERP software for construction industry has the potential to calculate the working hours of employees in real time. Biometric integration has grabbed attention of today’s construction developers as these biometric systems are easy to install, and tracks the attendance data of employees for proper management that can be used for analysis.

How does Biometric Integration Works?

Biometric integration is based on scanning the fingerprints of employees to identify employees clocking in and out of work each day. The moment an employee places the finger on the scanner, the biometric machine begins scanning the fingerprint and verifies with the fingerprint stored in the system. This way the system records the exact time when an employee comes and goes out of work.

Advantages of Biometric Integration in Construction Management Software

Enhanced Accuracy

ERP sofwtare for construction industry not only organizes the employee attendance management process but also provides an enhanced accuracy when keeping a track of employee attendance. Biometric systems prevent employees from making unethical practices like buddy punching. Biometric system makes it easy for management to determine the actual efficiency of employees as per the actual working hours. Therefore, management becomes confident about the expansion of the organization on the whole.

Prevents Unethical Practices

Unethical practices like buddy punching occurs when an employee marks the attendance of another employee. This leads to the addition of working hours for which the employee hasn’t actually worked. So the only way left with management to prevent such unethical practices is using a biometric system in ERP software for construction industry.

Boosts Productivity

An organization progresses when it mantains job satisfaction amongst the employees and this is why it is important to reward the employees who walk an extra mile than the required working hours. And the management can easily spot such employees from the data fetched from the biometric system. Therefore, biometric systems integrated in construction management software can play a significant role in improving the productivity of employees.

Augment Employee Accountability

Employees become less accountable and responsible for the time management when any organization takes the attention process lightly. Poor attendance management impacts the overall performance of employees, and therefore, results in a big loss of an organization. With biometric systems, employees are well aware of their actual working hours. Hence, employees become more responsible and accountable when it comes to time management.

Criteria to Measure the Success of your Construction Management Software

Observe Initial Visible Signs

You must begin with determining the smoothness in integrating ERP software for construction industry. If the system is running without impacting your business operations, consider it as a tell-tale sign of the initial success of the construction management software. Closely observe system downtimes; the lesser the number, better is the performance.

General Acceptance

One of the most effective way of checking the success of your construction management software implementation is its internal usage and the overall employee engagement. General acceptance means that employees are readily using the software features, whether the system has completely replaced the older system, and employees are finding it easier to use the new system more efficiently than the traditional system. So if all that happens your way, it is a clear indication that ERP software for construction industry is working for your organization.

If you are working with a good construction ERP provider that has a strong management team, you would experience the genuine benefits slowly and gradually. Make sure that the ERP service provider you choose provides you biometric system so as to enhance the overall business operations and its efficiency. For instance, ebizframe construction management software is rising in popularity as it helps in handling each and every aspect of construction and real estate business under one roof for effective project handling.  So get the best construction management software for your organization and do not forget to consider the strong integration features that can make organizations successful.

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