Baby Dropping and Interesting Facts Pertaining to it

23 Aug

The signs of the baby dropping are the first obvious sign that you are heading towards labor. When such a situation happens that is when does baby drop, people around   you will comment that the hump is really low. It might even replicate a situation that the baby has gone on to drop. Now the question is what does baby dropping mean? How it is possible to predict it?

The moment people comment about baby dropping they refer to a term as lightening. This poses to be one of the major signs that the baby is due for labor. This happens when the head of the baby drops on to the pelvis as they become engrossed with your pubic bones. The head of the baby starts descending on to the outside world.

The process can in fact start even a few weeks before the actually process of labor. But in case of certain women it could even start a few hours before labor creeps in. Each and every pregnancy is expected to be different. Though labor is not too far when the baby is about to drop, in case of others it can even stretch up to weeks. What does pelvic station mean you can gain a fair idea about the process as in case of certain women it may not even start even when the process of labor is about to take off.

The Indicators

Sadly there is no clear cut sign to mention when the baby is expected to drop. The reason being as it is different for each and every woman. In certain situations babies are not expected to even drop when the process of labor starts. If it is your first pregnancy you might have noticed that the baby would have dropped a couple of weeks even before the delivery. The situation is really impossible to predict in case if you had babies before.

But if your baby goes on to drop before labor, you might be able to figure it out. There are some ample signs in this regard

You Can Breathe Fairly Easily

The moment a baby drops they physically drop on to the pelvis. These points to the fact that there is less pressure on your diagram, so you can notice that the breathing becomes fairly easier.

A Lot Of Pressure Can Be Felt

The moment the baby drops you are expected to face up to a lot of pressure in the pelvis. This could be the time when you are adjusting to pregnancy as you might feel a pregnancy waddle. In the eyes of people you could end up walking like a penguin.

You Will Notice An Increase In Your Discharge Levels

The moment your baby has dropped, a physical pressure is expected on the pelvis. This is going to make the cervix thin and it might begin to dilate. They are going to thin itself by getting rid of the mucus plug which is expected to block the opening of the cervix. Towards the last stages of pregnancy you might witness an increase in the discharge levels.

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