How to Choose a Winning Horse on Race Day?

30 Nov

Horse racing is an exciting event that is both unique and special for various reasons. Simply put, it is a demonstration that how humans can team up with an animal to emerge as a winning team. While watching a horse race, spectators normally hold their breath right from the time the gates open to the time all the horses cross the finish line.

If you are just about to get into horse racing betting, you will find out that it is all about picking a horse that is going to win the race. However, it can be quite difficult to make out exactly what is going to make you that big cash.  But it is important to note that picking a winning horse is more of an art than a science, which exemplifies that stats are quintessential to take you in the right direction while choosing a horse. Moreover, Turf Way Park picks are offered by many online websites by expert handicappers that can give you a better understanding of the past races. Horse racing betting comes up with a level-playing field where anyone can win. But the key to success lies in the ability of a player to choose the horse that has the best chance of winning. So if you are just about to get into horse racing betting, he key is to know some simple aspects, and you will be able to make the perfect choice when betting on a horse in a race:

  • Check Stats of Last 10 Races

At times, it becomes easier to spot the right horse to bet on the basis of last 10 horses. So when you don’t have any idea about which horse to choose, you can use this trick. Consider one horse and analyze the stats of its last 10races. Try to find if there is any pattern. Though it is quite subjective, but it actually works. Many online websites offer Turf Way Park tips every day for every race and for every track running in the United States. Also, the TurfWay Park picks from expert handicappers will help you choose the right horse to bet on.

  • Find Out Healthy Horses

You might find many horses that tend to look tired, or a little bit exhausted, and you can identify them on the basis of their current look. If at all they seem tired before the race starts, avoid betting on them. You can select the right horse when you try to look at how they move around the practice area. So, this trick will help you find the right horse having potential to win the race.

  • Bet on the Favorite Horse of the Race

Many people look to vote on the underdogs, and while those who won the last race or are the favorite won’t always win, but it does pay off. Betting on the favorite horse of the race pays off about 33% of the time. Though there are a lot of variables, but sometimes, going with the favorite horse proves to be the best choice.

  • Check the Trainers

When deciding on a horse to bet, you not only want somebody who has won many races in the past, but you also should check if the trainer they are working with is an accomplished trainer. This can be easily discovered both online but also by approaching fellow horse racing bettors you meet at the race. So find a horse that has a trainer who has achieved success in the past races, and then try to find out whether the trainer has won anything with its current horse.

Horse race betting is certainly not easy. However, the key is to use the above points to help you have a clear and better understanding of finding the right horse to win the race. Moreover, there are many websites that offer free Turf Way Park picks including the most likely winner and the best value play for each day.

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