Guide to Choosing Batting Cage Nets between Nylon and Polyethylene Materials

25 Jul

The use of a batting cage net is important in making baseball practices more efficient, practical and just plain fun. Cage nets come in different thread counts, of twine-type materials, most commonly nylon or polyethylene.

When cheap nets are readily sourced from certain places, chances are these nets can be made of low-quality material and may break easily with the amount of force a good pitch can deliver. This, of course, defeats the original purpose of the net.

Batting cage nets are useful for the person who enjoys playing baseball in their garden, or even for professionals who need these types of equipment for their training sessions. Containing baseballs during batting practice, a strong net can keep the balls from flying out of the area.

There are two types of batting cage nets that are generally used for playing or practice. The first one is made from nylon, while the other is made from polyethylene.

Most professionals prefer to use nylon as it is generally a strong material and has a long life span. Since the nets can be in use for a long time. The nylon netting is perfect if you are planning to set up an indoor cage. This type of netting is known for its strength and for resisting ball abrasion, one downside to using nylon is that it tends to easily mildew and rot especially if used outside and exposed to moisture.

The polyethylene netting, on the other hand, is best if you are setting up an outdoor batting cage. This is because polyethylene netting is generally made of non-corrosive, high-density materials, which allow it to resist damages brought about by extreme weather conditions and constant exposure to harmful outdoor elements. If you choose, nylon or polyethylene netting depends on your needs and budget. It is, important to give extra attention to the durability and strength of the nets.

It's also optional that you choose the color of the batting cage nets wisely. Although they are available in different colors, even bright and dazzling colors, it's really best to choose colors that resist sun's UV rays especially if you are setting up an outdoor cage. This way, players won't get distracted during batting game and practice.

Buying tips:

The first thing you should look for is a strength. Look for the strongest nets that can fit into your budget. Cage nets are usually constructed from polyurethane or wound nylon which offers high breaking strengths and abrasion resistance. When choosing from a variety of options, it is recommended that you choose nets that are made of high-density and non-corrosive polyurethane fibers. Sporting accessories made of these materials will last longer and will prove to be a good investment.

Construction is the next feature to look out for when purchasing this important baseball fixture. It is important to look for netting that comes with a square net construction if you need a net that can withstand wear. Also, it is ideal for getting a net that has a baffle net installed behind the batter, since this is the part of the net where deterioration mostly occurs. This feature provides extra safety and protection for both the batter and the net.

There are also sag-free types of nets which are hung on the square instead of draped; these kinds provide a more professional look and appearance to the batting cage nets.

The last thing to look for in good batting cage nets is the color. Black-colored nets provide more resistance to the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Some nets are also immersed in UV inhibitor solutions for complete UV stabilization and protection against harsh weather conditions.

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