Everything You Need to Know About Copper Sinks!

22 Oct

What is the most stunning thing about copper?  Well, copper is essentially ageless and this is something which makes it stand out from the rest. At some instances, you can scarcely tell old copper from new copper. In addition to not aging, copper actually gets better with age and the more it is used the faster it will re-patina. The self-healing capacity of copper is well-documented, as are its microbial properties.

How long Copper has been used in the Bathroom?

Copper has forever been entwined with the history of plumbing. As copper relates to plumbing, archaeologists have discovered copper water pipes in India around 4000 to 3000 B.C., and Egyptians used copper pipes inside the pyramids to power elaborate bathrooms, as well as irrigation and sewage systems. Buying copper sinks online evolved along with indoor plumbing and were widely used in many forms; even in some early railroad cars.

Copper can be Recycled again and again, without losing its Quality

Most of the copper products are made from 100% recycled copper by melting down and hammering it out. Unlike any other engineering metal, copper holds the highest recycling rate. Copper is one of the rare materials that can be recycled repeatedly without any loss of performance.

Installation Options in Copper Sinks

Copper farmhouse sink a favorite sink for the ages. The front apron of the farmhouse sink is perfect for showcasing the beautiful sink material. You just need to check with the kitchen installer that your cabinet can handle a farmhouse sink.

If you are looking to accommodate an existing sink cutout, choose a copper drop in sink. However, for easy cleanup and seamless appearance, go with copper under mount sink. Farmhouse copper sinks can be mounted over or under, as per your choice.

Configuration Options

Copper sinks are available in every configuration- single bowl, double bowl, and even triple bowl; so as to accommodate your cooking and cleaning styles. A single bowl copper sink is best for heavy loads and a double bowl sink provides separate areas for dishes and glasses. On the other hand, a triple bowl sink comes with even more flexibility, with smaller bowls than the double ones.

What are the Advantages of Copper Farmhouse Sinks?

  • Attractive

The color and appearance of copper sinks make them more captivating than both porcelain and steel. Such elegance can augment the appearance of kitchen and this effect can be especially magnified if the sink is fitted in a kitchen that already has a traditional touch. Moreover, it can also work for modern kitchens if the right type of copper is selected.

  • Easy Maintenance

It might seem that farmhouse copper sinks require a lot of maintenance, but the truth is that they are not. All you need to know the things that damage the copper and then take care not to get in contact with the sink. However, proper maintenance comprises of cleaning with soap and water and using a copper cleaner for every few weeks.

  • Antibacterial Nature

One of the most essential aspects of using copper is that it is antibacterial in nature. Copper kills most of the bacteria on its surface, naturally. This ensures that your sink will remain free of any harmful bacteria. But it is important to note that this antibacterial nature can be considerably weakened by applying a sealant, so make your choice sagely.

  • Durability

One drawback with modern sinks is their tendency to last for short periods of time. Porcelain breaks easily while steel cannot ensure rough tasks due to dents.  But copper is very durable and lasts for long. Moreover, copper develop an attractive patina that can enhance their value and also that of the house.

  • Availability of Styles

People from different styles and tastes can choose what they want from the wide range of copper sinks available.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Copper Sinks

Copper sink care is slightly more complicated than other materials, although it is not an extremely high-maintenance material. Moreover, it is also naturally antimicrobial for a hygienic environment. Things to do to keep your copper sinks in perfect condition:

  • Avoid using harsh and abrasive chemicals, cleaners, or brushes
  • Avoid prolonged contact with orange, lemon, pineapple and other acidic foods.
  • Clean sinks with mild soap and water
  • For best results, use a gentle copper sink cleaner
  • Prevent water spots and mineral deposits by waxing he sinks regularly


So if you are looking for that something special for your kitchen or bathroom, you can go green with a spectacular backsplash or gorgeous countertops, but if you are interested in making a style statement that doubles as a smart kitchen choice, consider adding copper sinks. Many people hold the wrong opinion that copper sinks are fragile and unsuitable for heavy use. But copper is not just pretty or a decorative choice; it is actually quite durable, eco-friendly, and beautiful to boot.

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