What Happens to Your Body When You Start Doing Yoga?

19 Oct

Yoga takes you into the present moment, the only place where life exists. — Patanjali

We all agree that yoga is good for our body and mind. Yoga benefits us physiologically and mentally. When you practice yoga consistently and diligently, your body experience changes in less than one month. No wonder why people now show more enthusiasm to yoga instructor certification .

Here are a few changes you will start experiencing in less than one month practicing yoga.

After One Class

A variety of mixed sensations start occurring inside you after your first yoga class. You will realize that you never knew you could perspire after a yoga class. How will I ever do this? Can I hold this pose for such a long duration? I’m not so flexible? All these questions will start popping in your mind.

But at the same time, you will be driven more into yoga and will definitely come for your second class! You will get to know that deep breathing can do such wonder. Physically, you will be exhausted but happy and satisfied.

After One Week

A week into your practice — nonetheless honeymoon time! You will be curious about every yoga pose you do. Your mind and body will open up for yoga poses. You will be able to hold the poses for a longer duration now. You can feel a zen vibe after each session. You will feel that ‘shavasana’ is the most gratifying duration in yoga class when you soak up all the benefits of a vigorous class. Your muscles are now more spacious and flexible which used to be tight and flexible. A glowing skin and a sound sleep are the other bonus benefits you may experience.

After One Month

After one month, you will notice some shifts in how you deal with stress. You will breathe deeply through tense situations — a heated debate with family member, stressful meeting with the boss, lousy traffic, etc. You will continue getting pissed off but in a more relaxed manner. Yoga forces us to be present in that very moment and be ourselves. Now you will start doing every pose more correctly. Your core will strengthen, muscles will be getting stronger, and you will start craving for yoga. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself ditching lazy hours for a sweat session. You might even start giving up junk food. Your digestion will improve.

It all depends on your body that how it accepts yoga and its benefits; still, you are definitely going to notice changes as soon as you show up for your first class.

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