Distinguished Hotel Management Courses in India after XIIth

14 Jun

Hotel Management courses in India after XIIth are one of the sought-after education options for students after completing class XIIth education. As we zoom in to discover the reason for such craze on hotel management courses, the two main reasons identified are:

•   Education in Hotel Management fetches great job opportunities

•   You reach great heights within a very short time span

In order to have a career in Hotel Management, one has to pursue a Hotel management courses from a reputed college.

Diploma Courses

  1. Diploma in Food Production
  2. Diploma in Front Office Operation
  3. Diploma in Housekeeping & Utility
  4. Diploma in Food & Beverage Service
  5. Diploma in Bakery & Confectionery

  • The vocational HM training courses are several in numbers. Therefore, it would really be a task of greater confusion for you to select one among all best options. The hospitality industry is offering end number of career courses and therefore training the aspirants in several areas of operations.
  • In addition, the eligibility will somewhat be the same for all the courses. In addition, the percentage required for hotel management courses in India after XIIth is 50% with the minimum age of 17 years.

UG courses

– Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM)

– Bachelor in Hotel Management and Catering Technology (BHMCT)

– BSc in Management

– BBA in Hotel Management

BHM (Bachelor of Hotel Management)

  • BHM is an HM degree program, which is having a higher preference of the major aspirant’s population. This degree program is most probably 4 years and is a regular one. While in some cases, some universities are there which are available for 3-year BHM too. The BHM course fees will be around 3-8 lacs.
  • A degree in B.H.M.C.T. qualifies aspirants for jobs in various hotels, resorts, catering companies, spa groups, fashion and other hospitality-related jobs. The course serves best to the students who have always been fascinated by tourism, travel, food, and hospitality.
  • The average salary for a fresher annually is Rs. 3 lakh to Rs. 4 lakh. The salary package is determined by the various factors like college, professional experience, and communication skills which play a vital role in the hotel management industry.
  • The key areas of B.H.M.C.T. are accounts, desktop, administration, front office, housekeeping, catering, maintenance, security, and catering. With India being one of the major hubs in the hotel management industry, there’s no dearth of jobs and employment opportunities in this sector.

B.Sc. in Hotel Management

  • Another undergraduate HM degree program is B.Sc. in Hotel Management. The duration of the course is 3 years. In this 3-year degree program, the first two years will include the introduction to common areas of the hospitality sector. Then in the last two semesters, you can choose the specialty of your choice.
  • Most probably the specialty choices will include housekeeping, kitchen, and front office. You will be trained for general hotel administration activities, how to manage and run a hotel well, etc. The B.Sc. in HM course fees will be 1-4 lacs approximately. 

BBA in Hotel Management

  • BBA stands for Bachelor of Business Administration. If you have better entrepreneurial skills and want to enjoy the HM career in the lights of business perspective, BBA HM can be a much better option. Again the time period will be of 3 years.
  • With new hotels and resorts being opened like mushrooms in every part of the world, the hotel industry is growing rapidly. Also, after the completion of their course, learners can easily continue working in the company in which they did their internship. Even when studying, students get the ability to make connections with their peers which may continue even after they graduate from the college. Having connections with skilled people can be a big plus for building a career in this industry. 

PG courses 

– Master of Hotel Management (MHM)

– MBA in Hotel Management

Master of Hotel Management (M.H.M)

  • Masters of Hotel Management (M.H.M) is a master’s program that offers specialization in various hotel and hotel related skills such as marketing, housekeeping, food and beverage, hospitality, catering, security, finance etc.
  • MHM program equips aspirants to lead and work in senior and basic roles in hotels. The can work in different departments of the hotels such as finance, marketing food and beverage etc. They can also work in aviation management as cabin crew.
  • The course offers a better insight into customer needs and what steps will be most profitable for the business. Students are  provided knowledge about marketing management, food and beverage management, proficiency and communication skills and accommodation management.

MBA Hospitality Management

  • MBA in Hospitality Management is a PG program that extends knowledge about the various types of management roles in hospitality businesses such as hotels, resorts, holiday resorts and others.
  • During the program, students are taught about different skill sets required for various departments such as stay & accommodation, food & beverage, events & conferences, tourism services, entertainment and others.
  • Aspirants with a master’s degree in hospitality management are in a great demand as they help to identify customer’s demands and bringing profit and business to the organization. The course has a wide range of topics to cover such as personality development, principles and practices of management.

Once you graduate with a hotel management course degree, there are limitless opportunities waiting for you. You are eligible to join hospitality sector as a operational trainee or management trainee moving up the ladder as a manager to director operations in few years. The initial salary is approximately INR 15000 which goes up to lakh per month and more with experience. You get to work with international and national chains like Marriot International, Hilton worldwide, Hyatt, Carlson, Oberoi’s, Taj, ITC, Jay Pee, Radisson and many more International hotels, Fast food, Fine dining chains. If you get an opportunity you can take a transfer easily from India to overseas. So, it’s not wrong to say that your hotel management course can become your passport to the world.

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