Advanced Trends That Will Shape Customer Experience In The Near Future

01 Jul

Customer can’t be satisfied through the good old ways. The expectations of consumers from brands are escalating leaps and bounds. They expect service at their fingertip and immediate response across the board. Online experiences can’t be compared against those provided by your competitors. There are no set bars for customer experience, but when ‘at par’ experiences become the new normal, anything else will disappoint.

Thereby, it is important for businesses to keep their eyes on the advanced trends that will shape customer experience in the near future.

Improvement of online self-service

Businesses will focus more on offering a differentiated experience at their preferred moment rather than serving a uniformed experience to the masses. The biggest improvement opportunity businesses are looking forward to is upgrade their customer support by offering website and self-service experience.

Even though self-service has become customers’ first point of contact, more than 50% of customers end up calling a cloud contact center after looking for answers online. Improvement of self-service experience will help businesses meet the surging customer expectations and will also lower their customer support costs.

AI support in customer interaction

A PwC study of 2,500 U.S. consumers and business decision makers found that business leaders, specifically, believe AI is going to be fundamental in the future. In fact, 72% termed it a “business advantage. – CMO by Adobe

With AI, the new buzzword in almost every industry, we are quickly moving to a stage where every customer's interaction with an organization will be backed up by some kind of AI-enabled conversation interface. It will help businesses to establish consumer intent and reason for making contact helping them decide about what to do.

Artificial intelligence is at a phase where it will only grow and widespread in all areas. It has already made its way into how we interact, and customers have become accustomed to using this technology. However, the new trend will be focused to make AI deliver human-like conversations. Enterprises are blending AI-driver customer interaction systems, like chatbots and virtual customer assistants with conversation AI systems. It will help contact center service drive personalized customer engagements at scale.

Agents’ jobs will become more demanding

Customers are becoming more tech-savvy day-by-day, and so the incoming requests to contact centers are becoming more complex. It has pushed businesses to updated skills and technical knowledge of the agents of their contact centers. Tools and applications that intend to help agents no more help them if they are disjointed. Instead, they become a liability for new agents who rely on their colleagues for onboarding and learning. With new products and services introduced on an ongoing basis, depending on peer-to-peer onboarding is no longer feasible. The most efficient way to make top agents and experts share their knowledge is through digital educational content that offers interactive crash courses, step-by-step tutorials, and troubleshooters for most common issues.

Process automation

In the current scenario, customers don’t have patience, especially when they are facing a service problem. An annoyed customer doesn’t care about your systems. All they want is an immediate solution, expecting customer service agents their saviors. The future definitely belongs to brands that give instant gratification to their customers. Though it is not practically possible for customer service agents to act like superheroes, an increasing number of enterprises are looking forward to process automation. Automation not only streamlines back-office processes but also improves operational efficiency. Moreover, it can also help agents solve customer problems faster by reducing time-consuming tasks and manual errors so that they can pay their attention to more critical activities.

In a nutshell, the emerging technologies of today will shape the customer experience of tomorrow. As we are entering a period of great transition in customer experience, brands will have to make enormous efforts to improve great customer experiences.

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