4 Most Popular Types of System Scaffolding

09 Aug

System scaffoldings also referred to as modular scaffolding, consists primarily of vertical and horizontal pre-engineered components that are connected in a systematic fashion. Systems scaffolding is the most used scaffolding type across the globe, and there are hundreds of manufacturers in the market, each of them has their specific efficiencies. Some of them perform well in very highly loaded conditions, while others are more suited for smaller repeated scaffold structures.

Systems scaffolding is an umbrella term which includes various types of scaffolding. It can be used for creating standardized scaffolding bays. Here are some of the most popular types of systems scaffoldings are:

Cuplock Systems Scaffolding

These scaffoldings are commonly made from galvanized steel. Cuplock systems scaffoldings are famous for their ability to support heavy loads. With cuplocks scaffoldings at every 500mm to 1,000mm, it creates a highly standardized system which works well for scaffolding designs with repeated patterns. You can easily find various diagrams on cuplock scaffolding systems along with the information on the availability of different sizes.

Kwikstage Scaffolding

If you are a scaffold designer in the UK or Australia, then this Kwikstage scaffolding will likely be your systems scaffolding of choice. Be it commercial or residential applications, Kwikstage is both easy to erect & relatively adaptable. With just the requirement of five components, it is easy to assemble & disassemble. Non-slip platforms and double guard rails along with the Kwikstage scaffolding improves its safety & reliability. There are plenty of resources out there which can help to assemble the Kwikstage scaffolding type, including the ones from work safe New Zealand and Staluform.

Haki Scaffolding

Haki scaffolding is one of the more contemporary systems. It is used in scaffolding, as well as shoring & suspended systems. Unlike other scaffolding types, Haki scaffolding is both a name for the manufacturer and a non-generic scaffolding system. Based on its safety, quality, and adaptability, Haki is lighter and has fewer components than other systems. Its typical Bay length measures up to 3 mts, and the system is approved for load class 6, which makes it one of the more durable systems.

Staircase Towers

Most of the system scaffolding manufacturers creates special components that are used for building a staircase. Often these staircases are a part of the scaffold structure which allows workers to travel from level to level, but sometimes a stair tower can be used on its own. As a scaffold designer, these types specifically come in handy when workers need safe, temporary access to the section of the building.

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